Black screen with cursor - Nebula for Mac 0.2.0

I have tested Nebula for Mac 0.1.0 and 0.2.0 on my Mac mini M1 Monterey with no success.
I only see black screen and the cursor. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi, could you please try to connect a physical screen first through one Type-C interface, then connect the glass to another type-C port?

Hi,you need two steps ,I had same problem
first, you should connect one display to Mac mini 1(though by HDMI port)
second ,you should connect the Nreal Air to Mac mini (though by Type-c port)
tip:Don’t disconnect the display with Mac. Mini

Hi, thank you lawliteriverdeath :wink:
For a Mac mini it is necessary to have hdmi monitor connected while using Nebula.

Hope that one day I will be able to use Nebula with Mac mini as a portable computer
without carring hdmi monitor.

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I am having a similiar issue with Nebula 0.2.0 on my Macbook M1 Pro, Ventura (13.0.1)

Nebula for Mac 0.1.0 worked (with extreme jitter), but Nebula for Mac 0.2.0 is only showing me a black screen with a cursor. If I go to the top of the black screen and minimize the Nebula window, I can then see a headtracked window inside the small screen. It seems that Nebula is not properly rendering/showing anything when it is in fullscreen on the virtual monitor.

I noticed it too,It rendering two eyes view by use one long fullscreen, only my guess, not confirmed

Hi, could you please try to remove the 0.1.0 Mac Nebula first, then install the 0.2.0 version? Also, I wondered if the firmware of glass was updated when you connected to V0.2.0?

I have similar issue on M1 MAC pro, after launching the app, i get prompted to select the number of screens and distance, after that this what i see.

here are versions i am running
nebula version 0.2.0 (931)
osx ventura : 13.1 (22C65)
nreal air firmware: air_07.1.01.192_20221022

refer to the image below