Can’t get mine to even come on

These things are junk…don’t buy…can’t even get mine to work…updated and activated and nothing…$500 garbage

Hi, could you please tell me more details about your current issue? 1. Which device is used to work with our glass? 2. You mentioned that the glass was updated, please confirm if both MCU and DP were updated well.

Both adapter and glasses were fully updated and activated…I’m trying to use them with my Xbox series x…I get sound but no picture

Thanks for your info, please try to cover the P-Sensor( at the center of the glass) and check if there is any image. If still no, then please go to the link: Nreal Air - Activation and firmware update
and try to update the DP again.

Gonna try them one last time…I’ll give some of your suggestions a go

Hope to get your feedback!

Nothing…they are completely updated…now I don’t even get sound out of my Xbox…

I’ve tried updating DP again and nothing…it’s driving me nuts…I don’t understand…if I don’t get these working by Wednesday they are being sent back…

I really want to use these…I’ve sent you guys some nasty emails but it’s not your guys fault…I paid ALOT of money for these…you would think they would work right…

I really know your feelings, and sorry about the experience you had. I think the glass or adaptor you got came with some problems. Maybe you can exchange it for a new one?

So what you’re saying is my glasses are prolly messed up?…well they are definitely being took back now…figures

$500 junk…jeez…I will be telling my friends and family to not buy these…they don’t work and for what you pay for them they should be plug and play but nope one damn hassle after another…thanks for nothing

Same thing happened to me. Something in the way I ran the updates completely broke my glasses. My computer wouldn’t even recognize them and there is no factory reset. Luckily i was still within my amazon return period. I returned my broken pair and bought a new pair and they are working great. I just don’t think i’m going to update them for a while because i’m scared the update is breaking them now which kind of stinks. I’d still recommend returning the pair you have if you can and buying them again. Just don’t update them and they will work exactly as intended.

They didn’t work outta the box

I’ll give them benefit of doubt and try another pair if I can

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