Does Samsung s20+ Korea version support nreal air?

I’m live in Vietnam and I bought Nreal Air Kính 3D thông minh Nreal Air - Xem phim AR và VR DroidShop.VN
They said import from Japan.

I have Samsung S20 plus Korea version model SM-G986N. I check in compatibility list this model is support Nreal Light. Compatibility

So when I connect Nreal Air to my phone is Samsung Dex work good. but Nebula show Error Code-11. MRSpace display device not find

Sorry, The curent device is still being adapted and temporarily unavailable.

What can I do?

Hi, could you please tell me which version of Nebula you are using? If V3.1.1, please go to Me–>About and click the logo for 10times continuously, then, please insert the glass again.