FarePlay For NReal Demo

Good day everyone. I was hopping to share a simple app through an official link from the Play Store, but for some reason my app is still under review although it’s been submitted about a week ago :kissing: in that time period I’ve added more features so the one under review is kinda old now :sweat_smile:

So I decided I’d go with a direct distribution. Hope it’s OK with everyone.

I would like to introduce to you to “FarePlay For NReal”. It’s a personal app I’ve been working on since March. I was focusing more on making it stable before adding more features, so the development was a bit slow. Not to mention that I spent most of my time using the app rather than developing it :yum: hey, it’s why I made it 🤷

The main goal of the FarePlay app is to let the users watch/view their local videos, images and files. It also comes with a functioning web browser (Vuplex Android Unity Plugin) that in addition to letting you surf online, also let’s you view local files like PDF and animated gif files.

Tried to add as many functions to make the app easy to use when relaxing and just enjoying your time :wink:


Sorry for the lack of instructions. I tried my best to make it straight forward and simple to use. The txt file has the basic instructions, but still doesn’t cover all the features.

In case you’re wondering what it looks like, you can see my videos on YouTube and Twitter (just jump to the media section). They’re not really tutorials, they just show you how the app supposed to look like :sweat_smile:



I’m betting most of you will get confused while using the app, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to walk you through every part of it and recive whatever comments and ideas you have :+1::heart:



Thank you for sharing your APK! We’ll give it a go and give you feedback next week!


Awesome… Is there recording support? If so, I may feature this in one of my upcoming videos! :sunglasses:

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It would be an honor.

Yes. Yes there is although there is no sound as of yet.

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Cool… You might reach out to the developer of Table Trenches… He found a way to add audio as a separate file that syncs to the recording.

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