FarePlay for NReal Release v0.50 is out. We got WebXR 🥳

We got a REALLY big update this time :laughing:

So happy to announce that FarePlay officially supports WebXR.

Yes, you did not misread :stuck_out_tongue: You lucky glasses owners now have the power to experience the amazing WebXR for both VR and AR, AND with (simulated) 6dof controllers :wink:

This is the first of many updates to the WebXR feature. I will be working hard to make the experience better and smoother.

Please see the link to the Play Store:

Also please see below video on how to correctly use WebXR with FarePlay:

I really hope I made someone’s day :innocent: Really excited to see what you guys will be able to achieve with the new Webxr update.


Due to Google’s new Play Store policy to force apps to be compatible with Android 11 (API 30) the FarePlay app has lost its ability to access none media files when using the File Manager app outside of the FarePlay folder. The current permission still gives the users access to media files outside the FarePlay folder, like movies and images, but you will be unable to see other files like PDF and text file.

If you would like to view none media files, please move the files to the FarePlay app folder under:



Wow very exciting! Looking forward to trying this out! :clap: :smiley:

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Thank you very excited to see everyone’s feedback :pray: