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Yesterday I connected my glasses to my phone and Nebula said that it was updating the firmware of the glasses. Unfortunately at the same time I was building a Unity project to the phone that automatically opened when it was finished. I think this messed with the installment because after that my glasses just don’t show anything anymore and it’s just blacked out. It does still connect with Nebula and the volume buttons still work but I can’t see anything.

The other pair of glasses that I have still show the screen so that’s why I think there’s a problem with the firmware. After installing a different version of Nebula and trying it on a different phone the second pair would just update the firmware like normally but the broken ones don’t

Is there any way I could manually update the firmware of the glasses?

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I browsed the slack once for the same question just out of curiosity. Found someone giving the instruction to this to do this with the help of PC: LINK
All i could grab from this link is this since i cannot see older messages ( i have to upgrade my slack):

Q9: How do I upgrade Nreal Light firmware?
A: First hold down the brightness and plus key, and connect the glasses to the Windows Computers USB port. If the computer does not have the Type-c interface, it will require a USB C adapter to connect. We recommend “green USB3.0 revolution Type-C parent data line adapter”. Once attached to the coputer’s USB port, release the brightness + key, open the “Firmware Updater” running program, select HD3_V1.0.0.200115_HID.Release firmware, and the program will confirm success after completion.

It appears that the “firmware updater” comes together with the SDK if i understood correctly.

I do not know how you can get those release firmware, but you can always email nreal and ask them. @nreal-dev Maybe Nreal can provide a detail post about how to properly do these for this kind of scenarios?

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Thank you very much Spymaster!
I’m going to try it today, hopefully it works. It does sound like it’s exactly what I need. Keep you updated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any way to update the firmware that includes a 3D side-by-side mode? A way that we can long press one of the power buttons or brightness buttons and enter side by side 3D mode to view stereoscopic 3D content inside by side format with the press of a button?

Hi, does it work? Have you found the firmware updater? :joy: