First Person View recording/streaming with NRSDK1.7.0

Dear Developers,

We understand that the first person view streaming can be of much utility. We do have these tools in hand, although still under beta phase.

Please find the following link for a guidance:
First Person View - Recording: Video Capture β€” NRSDK 1.7.0 documentation (

First Person View - Live Streaming:
First Person View β€” NRSDK 1.7.0 documentation (

Things you will need:

  1. NRSDK 1.7.0 Beta:
    NRSDKForUnityAndroid_Beta_1.7.0.unitypackage - Google Drive
  2. Streaming Receiver (necessary for live streaming) - Google Drive


  • Hardware: PC + Adapted mobile phone or Compute Unit + Nreal Light
  • SDK: v1.6.0_beta and above

Any feedbacks are welcomed! Thank you so much.

Best Regards


Thank you for this, it really is important.
Is there a way to transmit back audio to the user with Nreal glasses?

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Hi @Nreal_JosephLiu I have feedback for the NRSDK1.7.0 FPS:

  • The audio streaming unfortunately has a delay of 2-3 seconds and then seems to play faster than in the app, almost like it is trying to catch up the delay. The video content is almost realtime, which is nice!
  • detected planes are drawn as opaque black areas. This did not happen with the previous version.

Thank you for sharing beta package. I’ve tried it but I have an curious trouble with this.

I started a streaming receiver app on Windows and Nreal app that is used the beta package. After that I clicked a button to start streaming, but a dialog appeared telling me β€œa camera is disabled. Please ask the problem at a FAQ.”

But I’m wondering because I used an NRRGBCamera in other nreal app that I made. The app can launch the camera but the app that uses this beta package can’t start the camera. What is wrong?

Please disable the Power Saving Mode in Nebula and try again to see if it still happens.

The issues are noted and thank you very much for your feedback. Hopefully, you could see it fixed in the future releases of NRSDK.

Is that possible to run the streaming over differents networks? Like connecting the smartphone on a 5G network and the pc on another network

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Thank you @Nreal_JosephLiu. Do you have a timeline when we can expect the fixes of the FirstPersonView Streaming?

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Any news about a timeline? This is a key feature

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