FirstPersonview streaming with tracking image

Hi! I’m working on the project that show tracking image on eye glass and stream the first person view to the PC. the streaming part was woking however when I try to track image target during streaming. it will stop track the image.
Just for a test I try the NRVideoCapture with tracking image target. it wasn’t working at all.
I tried the RGBcamera to pull out the image from camera but somehow my devices says RGBcamera doesn’t allow…

so is there anyway to work aournd this ?
Thank you

Hi, I tested the Image Tracking function with FPS, and it worked on my phone. Could you please tell me the phone model you used and the built-in Android verison? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for testing. I’m using Android 11 with Sony experia 5ii
the SDK is version 1.9.5

Please try to use the latest SDK V1.10.0