Get 3840x1080 resolution on windows & make screen smaller in your field of view

The technical specifications show that Nreal Air is supposed to get 3840x1080 resolution. However, when I plug it into my windows machine, I can only get 1920x1080 in the display settings. How can I make it so that 3840x1080 is an option to choose for Nreal Air in the display settings?

Also would be helpful if the entire screen was just a bit smaller in field of view. The edges of the screen go out of the field of view so that I’m not able to see the full screen in some places. Is there away to correct this?

Hi, the 3840x1080 resolution can only be obtained in our 3D mode. Under 2D mode, the two lenses come with totally the same images which are 1920*1080. So, you cannot get 3840 * 1080 in mirror-casting mode. And also, the image or window in glass cannot be adjusted in 2D mode.