Getting the screen to lock in mirror mode

When I’m testing my racing games in mirror mode I need to lock my screen in one place like it does in AR mode. When I’m racing I tilt my head when I’m turning and overturn on my control pad because of my head tilt. Can you make a setting for this?

Thanks for this suggestion, I will record your request. And we are trying to explore more functions for mirror casting mode.

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I would also rather like this feature.

I find dex on android is very good, but it would be more productive if i could dock the screen in a specific place like on MR mode.

That is the one big update I would love. After updating to Android OS 12, the option of opening 2D Apps on space were gone and I’d like to watch Movies on a screen that doesn’t follow me around, but rather that is stuck at one place like the cinemas

So you wanna get a virtual screen fixed at a place and not followed with your head in mirror casting mode?

Yes. With the option to control the size of the Screen, just like in AR/MR SPACE, when I was still able to open 2D Apps.

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