Hands tracking accuracy

Hello, using NRSDK 1.9.5 we noticed that when the hand stands at about 45/55 cm there is a noticeable difference (even 5 cm) between the position of the virtual hand and the real hand. Usually the virtual hand is closer to the glasses than the real hand.

This did not seem to happen in older versions of the sdk (1.8.0 for example).

Below is a picture where you can see the problem.

Photo taken using Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, but the problem also occurs on other devices.
Also tried on the sample project on the integration between NRSDK and MRTK and it occurs there as well.

Unfortunately, this problem makes hand interaction problematic and less natural, worsening the user experience. Is there any way to solve or mitigate it?

Hi, Enchaaner, accuracy is one of the things we’ve been working on, and please try this after the newest hand-tracking SDK release.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

We are using version 1.9.5, which is the latest currently available. Do you have any plans to release a new version soon?

Yep, we will release a new version of SDK next month.

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