[HELP!] Error Code-12, Display mode mismatch, as MRSpace mode is needed!

When I change my Nreal mode from Air Casting(HDMI) to MRSpace, it returns 'Error Code-12, Display mode mismatch, as MRSpace mode is needed!'
I checked on both Samsung Note9 and Samsung s10e for testing nebula app, which the first is unsupported and the other is supported.
My Nreal Device is ‘LG U+ Nreal Light’.

I’m developing my own application using Unity platform, and really need to test the app for the contest…
What is the reason of the error?

Hi developer. Please make sure the Dex mode is disabled before switching to MR Space. What else is that the chipset of your phone seems not enough for MR space. And both of these models are not listed in the compatibility list, please notice it.

Oh… I just found that S10e model is only supported in Spain. :frowning:

I tested without Dex mode and still get same issue.
The thing I just noticed are Air Casting(both smartphone screen and dex screen) is possible and RGB Camera access is possible through ‘USB Camera’ app which someone in the community linked “Usb camera application - #2 by nreal-dev

For me, it seems the issue happened b/c of the Nebula support since I skipped the device support check through developer mode… I will update this article after testing on supported device.