How to get head position and orientation from Nreal Light

How to access Imu data from nreal light. we are trying to get head position and orientation as it moves.

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For the current head pose, you can use the following:

var headPose = NRFrame.HeadPose;
var position = headPose.position;
var rotation = headPose.rotation;

Thanks a lot mgrayson. that answers the query.

is there any documentation which covers all this?

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Hi, the IMU data cannot be accessed in the current NRSDK. Sorry about it.

is NRFrame.HeadPose enough for getting the head rotation information in the range of [0,360] ? or that information can only be received from imu?

Hey @shivlal12345 HeadPose is all you need to get the head rotation. IMU data not required. Docs are here:
NRSDK Coordinate Systems - NRSDK (

Does NRFrame.HeadPose work with 3DoF Nreal Air or is it for 6DoF Nreal Light only?

Will NRFrame.HeadPose be avialable in Windows SDK?
Does Nebula have to be running on Windows in order to use NRFrame.HeadPose or is it sufficient just to install the SDK and create own app independent of Nebula?