How to screen record first person view on nreal light?

I have developed an application for the nreal light dev kit. As part of a showcase, I wish to screen record a demo but I am unsure on how to do so. So far, I’ve looked into and tried the VideoRecord demo example in the NRSDK in unity. Could anyone point out a direction to take please? Thank you.



I’m afraid there isn’t much to explain. From my side I just copied the video recorder demo directly into my project.

All you have to do next is set where you want the video preview to show in your app by setting NRVideoCapture.PreviewTexture to whatever RawImage/Renderer you have.

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In order to capture the first person recording to a video file, please see the following for more details:

You can find example scene located in NRSDK/Demos/RGBCamera-Record
and VideoCapture2LocalExample.cs in NRSDK/Demos/Record/Scripts for reference, where StartVideoCapture() and StopVideoCapture() is used for start/stop capturing respectively.

Thank you!

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