I would like to get the display drivers needed to have my laptop see the Nreal Air

I got my Air’s for the main use of an axillary screen for my Laptop and for my Steam Deck. While it plays WELL with the steam deck and is wonderful. When trying to use it with my windows laptop I run into two major problems. The first is the lack of display drivers for the windows OS to see the screen as a display to use. The other problem is when I then unplug them from the laptop the system freaks out and starts to go into a USB cycle trying to find them again though they are unpluged. This is really a major issue for me and while getting Nebula might be NICE to have it is NOT as important as having my system even see them for what they are. A optional display to use. Plese help me with a link to get those drivers my system needs to talk to the N Air’s.

PS: The laptop is running windows 10 and is NOT going to be upgrading to 11 so they need to be compatible with 10 AND 11 for both people that get it.

Hi, maybe you can use third-party software to get or update the display driver of your system, like DriveGenius?