Is more compatibility actually being ACTIVELY worked on?

Samsung Galaxy S22 series with Exynos 2200 chipsets are not supported despite the Exynos 2100 based S21 series being supported. This is a big problem on the UK. Telling people to just downgrade their phone isnt really an ideal solution.

So I must ask, are nreal actually working to expand phone compatibility?

Hi, really sorry for the current situation. And I have to tell you that we are doing some works to expand the compatibility list. Also we’re trying to do integrate our glass with Samsung, and the discussion is on the process.

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It is a big problem indeed. I have an Oppo Find x3 pro that was updated to android 12 and now my Nreal glasses do not work (and it is quite complicated to downgrade the android version), so I decided to buy a new galaxy 22 ultra thinking that would be compatible, and now I discover that “may be in the future” will be. Now I have 2 superphones and I cannot show or test my AR applications, neither participate in the jam… a pitty… :frowning:

Is there any timeframe on this? I want to recommend this to friends but I cant with such a small compatibility list, lacking new Samsung phones.

Wow one of the compatibel devices becomes incompatible with an Android update?! That’s a big deal that should be clarified on the website.

Have you turned off the function of ‘Automatic Brightness Adjustion’?

Sorry that I cannot give a timeline for it. Maybe you can try to purchase Oppo or Sony?

Are you really telling me the solution is to go out and spend £300 on another phone?

The Rokid Air supports almost any phone with Android 10 or above for AR. I don’t get why compatibility for 2022 phones is taking nreal so long.

Really sorry for the inconvenience that brought to you. We are talking about this with Samsung and don’t get a process or better solution from them currently. The compatibility issue cannot only be solved by any one part. We really want to push this further and solve it for users. Hope you can give us your understanding.

Surely it’s up to nreal to update the software to work with Exynos 2200, not Samsung?

Seriously we need to do integration together but mainly determined by Samsung. We need Samsung to do some changes to their system.

Which software has these restrictions? Is it just the nebula app or the glasses SDK itself, if I don’t use nebula to build an app will there be an issue?

The MR app cannot be launched without Nebula. Also, the restriction is mostly in the Samsung system because of the chipset.

Why? Couldn’t this launch be added to NRSDK so that people can launch into their desired MR application much faster?

MR APP requires a launcher(Nebula or MR Launcher) to be loaded and shown in glass, this is the current logic.
I’m not sure if the launcher will be added to NRSDK in the future. But I will notify you if we have plan to add it.