Is more compatibility actually being ACTIVELY worked on?

I have never used this chat before so excuse me if i am going about is all wrong. I have a z fold 4 and nebula does not work. My husband has z fold 3 and Nebula works perfect. What do i need in order to use Nebula on my Z fold 4?

Hi, could you please tell me what error you got when you used Nebula in your Z fold 4?

I can not get them to work with my z fold 3 or my s 22. I keep getting error code 11. Help

Hi, if you enter into AR mode without disabling Dex mo, error code -11 usually occurs. Please go to Settings–>Connections–>More Settings–>HDMI Mode (make sure not selecting Samsung Dex mode) after you connect the glass to phone.

Nebula works fine on my fold 4, although some content crashes.

I’m running the android 13 beta with oneui5.

Also having issues with unity demos not functioning

Just an update, unity apps working now, I installed the current Unity 2020LTS as recommended. I have the zfold4 on the current android 13 beta.

Can’t see a thread for this topic, maybe a sticky would be useful for reference?

Maybe the crash was because of Android 13, cuz we don’t fully test Android 13.

Hey there buddy… You keep saying about Samsung like everyone owns one but I just bought these glasses and would not work with my Huawei P20… Had to borrow a friend’s phone just to activate them!.. Its a flagship phone a couple of years ago and has all the sensors to work with nebula… Do you realise how many people have Huawei and honour phones!. please give us support or make the nebula app open source so programmers can get it to work with their phones themselves… This app should be available to any Android phone as long as they have the sensors to run it. Think nreal have dropped the ball with releasing a app that only works on a few makes and models.

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Good afternoon. Can you please tell me if the glasses fit the Xiaomi 9 Pro phone

Hi, sorry but no, Xiaomi 9 Pro is not compatible with our glass. Because it doesn’t come with DP.

Hi, just wondering if the samsung s21 fe is going to be worked on for compatibility?