Latest nebula update issues

After updating the nreal light glasses to the latest nebula build, colors on my nreal light seems to be very pale and too light. ( example YouTube looks pale and too white and colors not right, black seems look grey)

Hi Developer. Could you please send several pics which can show the current issue to the following mailbox?

Flickering on menu start and laser also, then the nebula is frozen. Last Nebula update, bevor was all good. I tried to film it but after 5 second is frozen. Also set the lights to be perfect for eventual horizontal, vertical detection of the space, deinstall, install restart, rotate the cable on c-type jack. Don’t know what to do more.
Device: Oppo Find X3 Pro and nreal light. nebula v2.4.3 (1710)

Hi Developer, please tell me if you still keep the apk package of V2.3.3 and do test? If not, please tell me your email address. Thanks

No flickering anymore. Versions doesn’t matter, what matters is to turn off the adaptive lightning on the phone, then the nebula is working normally in the last update version 2.3.4 and 2.3.3 is useless because it is always forcing you to update to the new version.


Yes, it’s forcing to update to the latest version. Nreal please remove force update. We need to be able to rollback to the previous version.

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Hello, when are we getting a new build of Nebula?

Thank you

We will release a new version of Nebula at end of this month.


Thank you , that is a good news. :slightly_smiling_face:

What features will be in this new update?

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The home page is changed, and users can customize the position of the icons. And layout is also different in the new version.

Is this update available?