Left Display Does not Restart


Occasionally, the left-eye display will not turn back on after a soft power-cycle. Here are the steps…

  1. Connection to Note20 Ultra or Windows 11
    – Everything works fine
  2. Power off glasses using the power button on the glasses leg.
  3. Power back on using the power button and only the right eye turns back on (left off stays off)
  4. I have to completely disconnect the glasses (both connection points) in order for both displays to turn back on

Note: The issue happens on both a phone or a computer.

Is this a firmware issue that will be fixed or a hardware problem that requires a return/exchange?


Hi, please send this issue to our after-sales team, they will help you with it. The email address is: after_sales@nreal.ai

Hello - Thank you. I emailed on June 19th but, no one has replied.

Hi, could you please tell me your email address? I will push this issue further.