More reasons to support Linux

Hey just a friendly reminder that Linux has a lot of steam behind it even if it seems like the numbers are small.
Check this out.
Walkthrough of Zwin: XR Windowing System, Now Available for Everyone - YouTube from Zwin (previously known as Ziggen)
Check out the Most used OSes for developers according to the 2022 StackOverflow survey
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022

Workflow and productivity are top of the list for Linux Devs.
Nreal Air + Linux is the way.

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Hi, we do have the plan to support Linux, but it has lower priority than Windows.

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Since you guys are going to drag your feet, maybe never deliver, please release the github project to community and let the developers carry along the project. Your product will go farther than driven by an internal product team that is far slower to deliver. Else… developer community will pick a different product and you will be left in the dust.

Look at products like creality enders and how opensource has pushed their product much faster.

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Can you give any info on progress of windows support?