Nebula 2.3.1 / Nebula Service / Find X3 Pro / Android 12 = incompatible?

Hello Community,

Since I have updated my device to Android 12 and updated the Nebula app. Now the App ask me to update it. If I press yes. Then play store open to the Nebula service. But nebula service installation abort during it with conflict. If I press later. Then the app ends. So now a useless device.

If I deinstalled the Nebula app. Then I cant install this nebula service version too. But a older version of nebula service is possible. But if I install then the Nebula app. Then the app install broke with the conflict.

At Android 11 with old nebula app was it running on my Oppo Find X3 Pro. But nebula service was impossible to install too. ( App freeze in MR mode was terrible much /every 5 minutes in the middle (I often had the feeling that it freeze during moving phone and usb cable makes pressure to the plug). Only if nothing was moving then it was ok. But the problem is in MR is moving needed)

I asked support first. But looks they was oversleep. Then the answer was looking… They read broke… Then we write him that must be download issues.
!! This was not helpful!!

Device: Oppo Find X3 Pro
Number: CPH2173
Android: Color OS 12
Location: Germany
Branding: Vodafone

Please a solution to get nebula run in MR mode on my supported device!


Same problem here - for the whole team. It seems to be a general problem with Oppo X3 in Germany (the smartphone that Nreal is sold with by Vodafone).

Please fix this quickly since the devices are useless now!

Many thanks!

Same here, Germany, Oppo X3Pro sold by Vodafone, Color OS12,
Device is now useless.

Fixed after reporting to Nreal - many thanks! :slight_smile:

Nice to read it from you. I still wait for a solution or a answer. Can you tell us the solution please.

Fixed how? Pray tell.

Same problem Vodafone Spain

Any news on this one? Thanks for the info, @Keks ! I kept it at 11 because of that :slight_smile:

So this time it’s about the Nebula Service install?
(The last major problem was flickering crashes that could be solved by resetting device settings). No beta in Playstore or direct download available?

What was the solution, @onemilktwostraws ?

Hello everyone,

Any updates since then? I was using Android 11 until yesterday, but by accident, it got updated. Now the Nebula MR Space is not displaying on the glasses.

I’m using Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Hi, could you please tell me if you used V2.3.1 Nebula?

No. In the PlayStore it says that I’m using Nebula V2.3.2

OK, thanks for this info. Then what is the version that you used previously without problem? Also, are you using Air or Light? If Air, please check if your phone model is on the compatibility list.

I’m using NReal Light and they were working correctly when I was using Android 11. I was using the latest version of Nebula before and after jumping accidentally into Android 12.

This issue may be caused by the system version.