Nebula for Mac + Nreal Air

Is the Nebula for Mac app only the 1-3 virtual displays?

If so, it’d be nice to have a different name, given I was expecting to have the same AR experience that I thought is available for Android.

Also, where can I provide feedback about bugs?


Hi, currently, 1-3 virtual screens are available in the Mac version, we will add more features in the future. And the bugs are expected to be fixed this month.

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Where does one download the nebula app for mac? I want the 3 monitor setup. Please help!

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Hi, the Mac nebula for overseas will be released at the beginning of November.


Do you know when the next patch will be for the Mac Nebula?
Also, will you offer screen orientation like vertical screens like the waterfall beta?

Yes, I have also been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Mac software for the US. I tried the beta software available on the Chinese site, and it looks awesome except for a few bugs. If those are fixed I may use it for my day-to-day work

As I know, there is no waterfall beta on the new Mac Nebula.

It will be available this week.


I have found the Nebula (BETA) for Overseas and now the question comes into my mind…
When Nebula will be available on Intel chipset MacBooks (will it be available?).

If there’s no such plans then what really blocks You from publishing it to Intel ones (is there some software/system feature that’s missing on Intel chipset that blocks nebula or what?).

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Hi, currently, there is no clear plan for Intel chipset Macbook. But as you know, it will take some time because the kernel framework of intel is different to M. Also I think it is related to the marketing strategy. We are still hearing the voices from users, I will record your request.

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hi. i would like if the mac software have an option of stabilisation like camera stabilisation to choose on and off at the time is still shaking if we move our head like a micro movement that needs to be stabilize, and for the text its need to have a hidpi on as we see it turn off by default so it have flickering effect on the text

hi, i wanted to add more suggestion, as the picture is so dark in the black level. i think if you can make it an option for gamma correction for output to nebula app or passthrought it will be a pleasing watching experience with nebula air, and the colour is to vivid if we can have an option such as movie , sport, game and custom, it would be nice. i already try with gamma control apps on passtrought and adjust the gamma and the picture is out off this world, very very good picture come out of it but it cannot be adjust when you in nebula apps thats why nebula apps must have this adjustment to be available

Hi, will it be possible to arrange the AR desktops so that we can stack them as well as side by side?

Currently, it doesn’t support arranging the virtual screens. But I will record this kind of function request.