Nebula for Mac - very jittery!

Using nebula for mac, looking around in 3dof is really jittery.

Is this a software issue that will be fixed or is MR Space like this too?

I don’t have a compatible phone for MR Space to check, but surely not all 3dof tracking on nreal air is this bad?


Hi, we have received similar feedback and will try to solve this issue in the future. Sorry for the uncomfortable experience that brought to you.

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When will this issue be fixed? I bought the glass because of this feature

We will release a new version this month.


Can’t wait, thank you!

Very excited for this to be fixed, am in the same boat as the original poster.

Any update on the new version? As it is now November

I am having this issue as well. Is there an updated Nebula app for Mac coming soon?

Hi, which version of Mac Nebula you are using?

Version 0.2.0
This was the most current version on the website.

OK, then that is the latest version of the Mac Nebula. The current version improves the stability. But we will still try to improve more in the next version.