Nebula for Valve Steam Deck is a Perfect Match

Hello nreal,

I believe enabling MR mode with a special app designed for the Steam Deck seems like a huge success. Your product complements both the portable nature of the Steam Deck, and fixes the Steam Decks major problem, which is a small screen.

Has anyone been paying attention? If a special app version is designed for Steam Deck, with MR mode, and marketed as such, I believe it would be a huge success for your current Nreal Air product. It is an actual use case, finally!


Thank you for your suggestion. We will try to take this into consideration. And currently, the glass can work with Steam Deck as a expanded monitor.

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I think the only thing missing is a functionality to activate 3dof mode for monitor and mirror mode. If you could for example map the on/off button to activate the display to stay at its position, that would help a lot!

Hi but Nreal Air only works at 30fps on Steam Deck! How can we change to 60fps?

Please check if your resource is changed to 60fps before Air is connected.

Atm you need to enter dekstop mode to get 60hz and 60fps. For some reason steamdeck recognize the airs as 30hz in gamemode, and there are not settings to change that…i tried so may things but nothing changed that behavier. I think we need to wait for a fix by valve or and nreal firmware the perhaps let the steamdeck regnize the correct way.
The nebula dev options dont change anything about that…

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Hi, developer. Thanks for this info, could you please drop me an email then we can track this issue? The email address is: Thanks in advance.

Nreal, you should open up your drivers and firmware to allow the community to help. They will do it quickly, and for free!

If you dont have the time, please allow the community to help. It will make your product more useful, and successful.

Right now, nreal air only does 60hz on windows and linux, 30hz on Steam Deck.

Right now, nreal air only works as display only on windows, linux, and steam deck. No 3dof mode.

You made a good product. I am sure it was a lot of work, but it is missing a few features and fixes to really make it good.

Steam Deck + 3dof + 60hz + collaboration/communication with Valve would be a dream. Imagine your product advertised on Steam, as an add on to Steam Deck. So. Many. Sales.


Thanks so much for noticing and supporting our product. And really thank you for these suggestions, we are doing an investigation and some research on Steam Deck, and also trying to discuss with the Steam team now, I guess we will have a solution in near future. Please give us some more time. Thanks for your understanding.


I’ve been thinking about the same for some time.
Steam Deck is running SteamOS 3.0 which is an arch-based Linux distribution. It could use some work to bring up all the drivers and stuff.
Hope someone could get their hands on this soon. @Valve @Nreal :rofl:

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Just got my nreal airs specifically for the steam deck. Love them. 1 sale down, I have done my part.

I have to say the quality of the real airs construction and the screen produced is amazing!

Colors are so rich and vibrant, good job nreal!

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Hi, glad to hear that you like our product. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: