New Nebula App (V3.2.1) for Non-GP Users!

Hi all! New Nebula is coming! If you cannot get access to Google Play in your region, please download the Nebula app from the following link. Please let me know if you have any issues during downloading. Thanks and hope you enjoy the new version.

It’s still enforcing login. How am I supposed to use it when I’m flying ? Watching movies with there was my main pass time.

Hi, once you logged in, it will always let you enter into AR Space. When you are flying, you can still watch local videos in AR or Mirror casting mode by Air glass.

Thank you. It must of logged me out because of updating to 3.2.1.

Just wondering, in which regions should I have access to Nebula on Google Playstore? I have access to Google Playstore in Canada, but don’t seem to have access to Nebula.