[Newbie] blank screen when starting first Unity app

hi all,
just received my nreal dev kit yesterday, made a lot of progress already, but now I’m blocked:

  • I created a simple 3D project with Unity (2020.3.15f2)
  • added a TextMeshPro component
  • imported the NRSDK package
  • configured the project as documented in the docs (some terms were different, but it seems that I was able to configure things the correct way)
  • in Unity3D, selected" Build and Run"
  • connected srccpy, the app loads and the text from text Mesh pro is visible
  • disconnected the comupting unit and connected the glasses
  • the app showed up in the menu, I started the app
  • nothing happens, glasses screen goes “blank”

When I connect back to the computer and connect with srccpy, I can again see the app and the text.
Glasses work fine (actually great) with the nreal examples, so it must be something with the app settings.

Any suggestions? Is it safe to use Unity 2020.3.15f2

UPDATE: same issue with the (recommended) Unity 20202.3.8f1, also with NRSDK 1.4.8. NReal Light sows latest version in settings.
I checked the error log (logcat), there are a number of warnings and errors, but the same messages all appear also when starting the sample app which works.

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I finally fingured out what caused my issue: I did not remove the “SampleScene” from my project.
For an app with a non-Demo Scene, it seems that the NRCameraRig and possibly also the NRInput prefabs need to be added to a scene… would be nice to clearly mention this in the docs.