Nreal Air, a breath of fresh Air 🕶️

Nreal is pushing boundaries again. We’ve created a new design disregarding the boundaries between work and entertainment. Light as air.

Introducing Nreal Air, the first ever AR sunglasses whose standout feature is being overlooked!

Your reality is about to change into thin air.

Almost invisible to the world, see if you can’t solve the mystery here

Everything you need to know about #NrealAir


I am really excited for this.

I really thought I responded first with a selfie on Twitter for the Air gift.

Personally this has so much value, but I work at an Art Museum as an Imaging Specialist and we are really trying to find ways to bring AR/VR into the galleries and to link an at home experience. Something like this could really be amazing

I can’t wait either! I think they are supposed to be ready soon right?

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The newly unveiled TCL NXTWear glasses look almost the same. I wonder who comes to market sooner and what the differences are

Seems like the TCL offering just provides a screen, while the air has 3DOF. The TCL would likely just provide a large screen that follows your head movement, while the Air will likely allow pinning of content, at least relative to your head position.
The screen constantly being front and center, I think, would end up frustrating me, while being able to pin it would feel more natural (even if it does come with you for the ride if you’re walking around).

Can you connect to phone as a display or do you need to run through app?

Hi developer, for our Nreal Air, you need to connect to mobile phone and run Nebula APP. And there are two modes in this APP, MR space and air casting. The air casting mode is to display the things on phone.

My nreal Air seems to have a problem with MR mode? I am using a compatible LG Velvet 5G phone. Does anyone have a clue ? Thanks

Hi, developer, could you please tell me more details about the issue you met?