Nreal Air Beginner's Guide

:star2::star2:Continual updates are made to this tutorial.:star2::star2:

:star2:1. Activate your Nreal glasses.

If your phone is compatible, download the Nebula app from the Google PlayStore, and the glasses will automatically activate when you plug them in. This is the compatibility list for your reference. Link

If you’re an iPhone user, the Nreal Adapter will automatically activate your glasses.

You must use this webpage for activation on a regular laptop if you don’t have a compatible phone. Please make sure your browser is Google Chrome (version 89 or later) or Edge (version 89 or later).

:star2:2. This is how you should connect your Nreal Air as its detachable cable has two different ports.

r/nreal - Beginner's Guide

:star2:3. Remove the protective lens film from the glasses.

:star2:4. Try out the nose pads to find the one that works best for you for a clear visual experience.

Nreal Light comes with 4 nose pads while Nreal Air has 3 inside the package.


With the nose pad separator, a small black piece you can find inside the package, you can remove the nose pads and add the prescription lens afterward. Video Link

:star2:5. Make sure both legs are at the same level by adjusting them manually. If not, it might have an impact on your experience. (Nreal Air only) Video Link

r/nreal - Beginner's Guide

:star2:6. If you need prescription lenses.

Nreal includes an insert in the package that allows you to create a personalized prescription lens at your neighborhood optical shop. Then you could add it to the Nreal AR glass. For more details.Link