NReal Air Not Working with OnePlus 8 5G Model IN2017

Despite appearing on the list of compatible phones, when I open Nebula and plug in the NReal Air glasses, it states

Unfortunately, This phone cannot be supported Audio Video Transmission, please visit official website and checking “Nebula Compatible Phones”:Nebula

Has anyone else run into this problem? What can I do?

In a different topic, they confirmed it is due to the Android version (?) on OnePlus:

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Hi, developer. Please check the details of the system version, including the subversion. Also, please check if your cable is inserted well, the bent end should be connected with glass.

Thanks. The cable is connected correctly (bent end in glasses).

@codinghorror was likely correct in that it is Android 12 being the problem. I am currently in the process of downgrading back to Android 11 for the time being.

Is there any ETA on when issues with Android 12 will be fixed? Or if it is even possible?

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Hi, we are trying to discuss with Oneplus about this issue, there may be a better solution for it.