Nreal and Nebula: NEEDS Windows Support!

Thanks @nearreal for Sharing information.
Is the Reddit the official Communication part or this Forum?

And @XREAL-dev why you don’t share Information on both reddit and here?

And please publish a Roadmap for development.

I’m bumping this to cheer for the devs!
I have faith you can make windows sdk and then me and my fellows around will start cooking those unity AR apps for the community. The potential is there and we can crush the dorky competitors AR glasses


New here first post but wanted to reach out to devs. Think Mac was a good choice. Hopefully to then proceed to iphone/iPad. I’m a pilot with thousands of hrs flying and been in and around the industry all my life. Just got my glasses the other day. Just tested these in the air. OMG!!! I’ll give u a better road map. Integrate to iOS hookup with ForeFlight, Flightradar24, Levil aviation’s “BOM” pod. I used ForeFlight today, err yesterday now. It was amazing having that information right there where ever I looked. This is tempting me to upgrade my ForeFlight subscription so I can get a Sentry unit and have the AHRS(attitude heading reference system) pipped right into these glasses (plus traffic) so I would know exactly what my aircraft is doing while I’m looking outside paying attention to traffic not able to look at my phone. Flightradar24 has real time ADSB information set to AR. Would literally be able to look over and see the aircraft information in real time. Right now would have to turn my iPhone to use Their AR. So much potential for aviation with this. General Aviation is very much centralized around iPad/iphone. Every kid nowadays that goes to a flight school at some point is told should get a iPad or see someone using ForeFlight. EFB (electronic flight bag) are becoming the mainstay for aviation with paper as a backup to their 2 electronic devices already iPad/iPhone. This device is needed to get pilots eyes looking outside instead of inside at their device. I am app dev as well would really like to code more aviation information onto these glasses. (Disclaimer do not use in critical flight situations until further development) Even still was able to turn down the brightness enough to still read the apps and see through or around the image even turn off and have full control, situational awareness and information from the flight instruments. A++ In the future could literally lay out performance data on the glasses. Visualizing approach glide slopes, traffic, weather, weight and balance as aircraft uses fuel, victor airways, vor, object avoidance, checklists, could have the control inputs needed to correct flight path put right in front of your eyes in AR, flight lessons while flying, emergency procedures, so many more. I’ll tell you Windows is not aviation. Android has some but market is leaning toward stable redundant iOS. Please please please go iOS and open source. You have the potential for full heads-up display aviation desperately needs and beyond.


I just ordered my nreal air from the US. (i live in Germany). I bought them for work, but had to realize later, that they do not have windows support (apart from adding a non-position-fixed screen, that is blurry on the edges). However I will not return my glasses if you promise to add the windows support soon, so I can have my 3 screens to work with :). I have a very small desk so I was hoping for this to become my new working setup (not enough room for real screens). Can you please give us any indicator of when you will release a beta? I would be ready to test it for you (i’m a developer myself so maybe I could give some good feedback).

Hi, the Windows version is expected to be released in Q1 this year.


Hi @XREAL-dev

Will the Windows version be able to forward 3DoF data onto OpenVR compatible and SBS capable software e.g. Blender or Unreal or Unity or VR Games etc?


Thanks a lot for getting back to me so quickly! Can you give us a bit more insight about the features please? Will I be able to have 3 screens? How will I connect the glasses to my machine? Will the adapter be used or would i need to connect via usb-c directly? I might be wrong but hdmi will not allow us to have multiple additional screens, right? Your promise is enough for me. I will keep my glasses and follow your news here :slight_smile:

Reminder: I’d love to beta-test this and give a detailed feedback.


I’m currently attempting to get MacOS Nebula Beta working on a Windows 10 PC.
Apparently the MacOS Nebula supports 3 pinned screens
Im using VMWare WorkStation Player to run a virtual machine, then install MacOS Big Sur (the OS which runs apple silicon M1 Pro)
Then install MacOS Nebula Beta on the MacOS virtual machine.

Why was this not a top priority?

More people use windows for work than any other OS.


Can you reveal anything about the feature set yet?
Most important question for me: Will multiple screens via glasses be supported? If yes, how will the glasses need to be connected to the pc? As I said, I do not understand how this would work using the adapter, as you can only have one screen using one HDMI port (correct me if i’m wrong), so it must be via usb-c which would (at least for me) require additional hardware in my pc and an additional adapter for my notebook. As mentioned I would love to use this for productivity which was the most important reason I bought these.

Hi, we will have software supporting multiple Windows screens, just like what we’ve done on Mac. Direct connection is the current choice, but I’m not sure if other connection methods will be adopted.


great! so as long as we have type c video output and it should work, right? When will we have it. I can’t wait any longer!!

Okay, after reading a bit more about the usb-c specification it makes sense to connect the glasses correctly. That would mean that I would need a usb-c pci card for my pc. otherwise i would just be able to use it on my notebook. It would be great if there would be recommendations for pci cards from nreals side :slight_smile:

Okay, do you have a timeline? Can I be a part of the Beta/Alpha? I have a laptop that supports the required USB C standard. I have used my valve index through it.

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Cant wait to get windows supported for these glasses. Ive been using them where i can, but my original intent when buying them was to use them for my computer!

Is there any update on the progress of getting this ready for windows? I noticed before, it was mentioned that they would be released Q1, assuming that means sometime in March we’ll get a version we can use with our windows PC?

Thanks :hugs:

As you can see, the demand is very high! Maybe you can provide some bits of information on a regular basis. That would be nice. Still waiting to use my glasses productively! Are there any screenshots / features / alpha versions you can share with us? as the first quarter is nearly over there might be some news you can share with us?

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@XREAL-dev would love to get an update on the timeline for Windows support for multiple monitors. When this is available, will it work for the existing Air AR glasses or will there be a hardware refresh? I was thinking about ordering an nreal to play with. Thanks!

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Are there any screenshots / features / alpha versions you can share with us?

was great!

Please Share with us!

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Thanks for confirming. How will we be notified?

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I am a little bit worried that there will be no release soon. I have kept my glasses as i believed that the windows version of nebula would be released soon. I hope I will not regret this decision. It has been Nreal has been very quiet about this topic … or i have missed some importan information?!