Nreal in USA, BUY NOW!

Some of you might have noticed that Nreal Light launched in select Verizon stores across the U.S. right?

But the most shocking news is that Nreal Light is sold out on Verizon’s online store! We know some customers are still looking to get their hands on Nreal Light. More importantly, we couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

If you missed the sale, please follow the latest news on our forum. We’re working hard to restock America’s favorite AR glasses. The next batch is on its way. Don’t miss it this time!

Nreal Developer Support

220 inch virtual screen :heavy_check_mark:
Super Light Weight :heavy_check_mark:
Hand-tracking? :heavy_check_mark:
6DoF :heavy_check_mark:

:star_struck:Nreal Light is back in stock!
Buy it now & pave the future of MR with us :point_right: Nreal | US

Nreal Developer Support