Nreal Light doesn't load update

Hello. I have Nreal Light (dev kit). I connected to my WiFi couple of hours ago. But software is still not updated:

Nreal System Version: SDM845-202107091739-448-Ding_Conf
Nreal Light Controller Version: Dec 25 2019 22:25:28 release
Glasses Firmware Version:

Are these really the latest versions of Nreal software? If not, how can I update my device?

Hi, could you please take a picture to show me the back of computing unit?

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Sent you the photo in pm.

Thanks for your further info, we don’t have a newer version for this computing unit.

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Is this computing unit obsolete? Do you have the newer version?

Yes, this unit is obsolete now. And no newer firmware version for it.

May I order the newest Processor Unit?

It depends, if you have no problem or issue while using the current one, then there is no need to purchase a new one.

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But will I have access to all newest features (handtracking etc.) with this unit?

Yes, I think it can still support Hand Tracking. Could you please tell me what SDK version you are using?

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I used NRSDKForUnity_Release_1.9.1.unitypackage for my application. But I haven’t tried handstracking, just manipulating 3D objects into AR space and tracking the controller state.

So hand tracking can work. But performance is not good enough?

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I don’t know yet. I’ll try to check the handtracking.

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Is the source code of this demo app published somewhere? It would be great to build it, test on my unit and may be implement some features in my app :slight_smile:

It seems, I’ve found it :slight_smile:

Yes, the attached addresses are correct. :smiley:

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