**Open Discussion**: *The Nreal Air and Steamdeck*

i have the wd19, and i am confused. SOme people tried and said it was working, i tried and I can only ear the audio in the glasses…no video… whats the deal?

Yes, both products are amazing. An ability to charge the Steam Deck while simultaneously using the Nreal Air Glasses would be a tremendous plus, even if we need a dongle. Also if there was a way to get the head tracking / ar so that the screen locked into place in my “room” as i look through, rather than right in front of your eyes all the time would be great. I feel my eyes straining from having to look at in-game UI details that are on the edges of the screen by moving my eyes, rather than just moving my head.

The form factor for the Red Magic Dock’s connection into the Steam Deck blocks one of the heat output vents and the cable is in the way of the right triggers. See Video: Nreal Air w/ the Red Magic Gaming Dock paired with the Steam Deck - YouTube

Also, these do work with my 2017 iMac Pro, when plugged in Thunderbolt 3. It would be super useful to be able to use as an additional display that stays where i put it within AR rather than right in front of your eyes all the time. Seems like it could be possible with software.

Removing that gasket may just be enough to get air out of the last hole.
Alternatively, I would take the casing off of Redmagic’s wide part. Chances are high that it can be cut shorter without consequence.

No can do.

While i did manage to get a hold of 2 red magic adapters (1 for use and 1 for “science”), and can confirm that it works nicely with the deck and the Nreal Air.

While trying to dissasemble the “wide” part of the adapter gently, i learned 2 things. The covering is fake, the inside of the connector part is fully molded hard plastic, with a soft plastic outer shell. The covering is then glued to the plastic mold.

While i havent really taken the saw to it yet, i have found some metal bits the hard plastic is molded round.

Doesnt look like a PCB, but there is defenitley some copper bits. As such, simply cutting the thing off, is a risk of breaking the connector. I’ll update once i get the time to cut it with a saw, as knives dont get though the hard plastic.

AS for the issue with the heat from the deck with the redmagic connector. Yes leaving the gasket off leaves a little less than 1mm of air. If that is enough or not, i dont know, but to be on the safe side, you can get a hard USB C extender dongle. Basically just a male and female USBC port in a small plastic housing. While a bit flimsy looking, you can get 1 to 1,5cm clearence ofer the exaust opening, and even enough to press the power button on the deck.

Quite honestly with the system working as well as it is, im just kinda bummed i didnt go for the Nreal Light, but it is what it is, and im reallying enjoying the glasses.

So yea. For anyone interested, the redmagic phone gaming adapter works splendedly.

Well done ordering an extra one for science.
Appreciate the courage to take it apart.

Sounds as though it may be possible to fully free the cable from the wide part.
Would you be able to post a couple of pics of the inside to keep on the same page?

I have found a definitive combination of small dock and HDMI adapter that lets me charge the Steamdeck and use the nreal air glasses. Audio works but you need to experiment with different micro USB short cables to get it all working correctly as some MicroUSB cables don’t have enough power/data to allow for audio to work on the nreal air. This is my solution:



I 3D printed a holder that could hold the 2 devices and mount onto the back of my Deck with the JSAUX Mod Deck case on it. Works great, video and audio with minimal, if any, lag.
I can plug into the adapter and game with the nreal glasses indefinitely.