Play 3d movies from a pc?

If you plug nreal into a pc it works like a monitor. I can watch a movie and it looks good. But is there some way to get it to play a 3d movie in the left and right eyes? I have a number of 3d movies in different formats that are recognized by 3d tvs but not by nreal when plugged into a pc as a monitor


I agree. We need to have 3D side by side support by long pressing a button. The Rokid Air does this. You would think this would be a basic feature. I hope they implement it in a future firmware update or something. I hope they at least make it accessible when it’s hooked to a PC at least. I just want to have the ability to put the device in side by side 3D mode when I’m on my PC.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We will take this into consideration.


These glasses are incredible! You really have done amazing things with the air model. I have never seen better optics my entire life. For years I waited for someone to make something that rivaled the Olympus eye Trek series optics and face mounted displays. Nreal you are the best in this industry that I’ve ever experienced. Please, I’m begging you to add side by side 3D support for these. If you add this support like the Rokid Air… These in my opinion will be the best head-mounted display video augmented reality video glasses in existence. :pray::crown:


I can’t believe that this wasn’t an obvious use for these glasses from the start !

Really sorry for the unconsidered functions and inconvenience that brought to you. We are trying to improve our products and bring more apps to you.

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