Play 3d movies from a pc?

cant wait to see what you came up with. will these require the nebula app ? I ask because many of the apps dont work on my Samsung galaxy 3 fold 5g … they just crash . BTW anything I create in unity work no problems. UNLESS I try to use your NRSDK plugin…

Hi, the 3D player will come up with Nebula, you need to launch Nebula app and AR Space. The Android 13 version may cause the crash issue on your phone.

Are we saying the 3d app has been released in nebula ar space?

Yes, it will be in the AR Space of Nebula.

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I open nebula ar space, but i see no way to play a 3d sbs movie. What am i doing wrong?

I think they have released the apk for testing only - they havent put it on the official play store - would be nice if they could provide a link here to the test one so some of us who want to try it can - knowing its not 100% ready

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The 3D player is only available for testing. It is posted on Discord now.

Sweet! I joined discord and reacted to announcement for 3.3.0 nebula testing!

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I’ve released my 3D player on Google Play as well, it’s called “Into3D”

Please say you can browse networked media centres and play 3d videos from there with these on?

Nobody is gonna copy a 3d movie to their phone everytime they wanna watch it lol

yes. I’m still working on adding SMB/DLNA support, however, if you set up Jellyfin server on your pc, and download the Jellyfin android app (both free) you can browse to a movie, and in the “…” menu for the movie, there’s a “Copy Stream URL” option. you can then Paste that url into my Into3D app, and it’ll stream from your PC

you can also paste in Youtube URLs.

if you have the files on google drive, you should be able to browse to them that way as well, tho the app currently has to wait for the file to download first, so that’s not ideal.

i generally run emby server on my pc - plus the drives are shared locally so i can browse via the share - not ure what the url would be - will it be:

\\pc name\folder

if i put this in will it list all videos in that folder? or do i have to do it file by file?

you can try a url like that, but it would have to be per-file
i’m working on adding directory listing in an upcoming version.
i’ll post back here when it’s updated

nice one mate - appreciate this - wonder if Emby itself will be able to support these glasses eventually recognising them as SBS so when an SBS video is played you can choose that mode and play them though the glasses