Please make the nreal air usable as a daily driver

The nreal air is the first affordable AR headset that you can use for work. It has a ppd (pixels per degree) of 49. This seems to be at the threshold, where using it as a daily driver becomes feasible. I have used the nreal air for hours at a time reading stuff and had no problem. Compare this to the Quest 2 with a ppd of only 21. Additionally, the nreal air is super portable and lightweight (i.e. comfortable). So you can wear it for hours without any issues. It is also super easy to take off and on, and to turn off and on, such that you don’t even need to take it off when you want to do something in RL.

I would really like to use it for everything. But sadly I can’t, because you get only the static screen mode unless you’re on Mac. Needing to look to the corners of the screen with your eyes is uncomfortable. I have used the Mac version of Nebula and it works great. I was seriously considering switching to mac, but Linux is just so much better. If you would support OpenXR on Linux then I think there are several solutions that one could use. For example, there this a company that develops a whole VR operating system for Linux called SimulaVR. By supporting OpenXR on Linux, you could build on top of their work, to add lots of value to your product, without any additional effort on your side (besides supporting OpenXR).

Implementing OpenXR in general would also enable a lot more applications to run on the nreal air. E.g. everything that runs with SteamVR. This might be especially relevant for better supporting the SteamDeck.

It would be great if you could add OpenXR support on linux. Otherwise, I will probably switch to the Simula One.

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Adding support for OpenVR would have a similar effect.

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Hi @JonChray

Thanks for adding your voice in support of OpenXR.
2D Productivity is a slightly different use case in my opinion that does not necessarily require OpenXR, although OpenXR may be used at expense of much higher power usage significantly reducing battery life.
I am reasonably confident next gen glasses will take care of 2D productivity use case by utilising the internal DSP or the internal GPU. Timeframe in which this will be accomplished is another matter.
Nebula App VS Firmware utilizing XR1’s built-in Adreno 615 GPU - Nebula - Nreal Community Forum
DSP Mode VS Nebula App - Nebula - Nreal Community Forum

Would much appreciate if you could elaborate on how blurry the small fonts are. Is it possible to read 6pt fonts clearly without magnification or display scaling?
A through-the-lens pic comparing 6pt, 8pt and 10pt fonts would be amazing.
Putting VR cover on and placing glasses on the table whilst facing them downwards may help taking the pic.