Question about Picture quality of Nreal Air

I just purchase the Nreal air to see if I like the experience.
I can say its nice but it lack Picture quality as the color are not that nice compare to my s20 screen + on the resolution side , when you put multiple window in VR mode , and make the kind of small but still lookable , the text become blurry.

Do you think we can fix those issues with software or better 'glasses 'will be needed ?

I am really looking for a full quad display monitor replacement for a PC or MAC , that is why I am asking.


Hi, I think maybe we can adopt a higher resolution in the next product and solve this.

And I will give you some feedback here about how the eyes feel after long exposure time to the glass.

Compare to Occulust quest I really prefer your Glasses , as they are small and the eyes feel better into them.

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OK, thanks, wait for your feedback.