RGB Camera and power save mode? Where is Power save mode setting?

I’m trying to get screen recording to work and I’m building with RGBCamera-Record scene with 1.9.3 sdk in Unity… However I’m getting the “RGB Camera disabled, please check FAQ” error.

I’ve seen in the forums that I should turn off “Power Saver Mode” in Nebula settings, but I don’t see that option in Nebula settings when I tap the user icon in the Nebula app. This is App Version v2.3.4(1710).

Where is this setting?

Screen recording does work when I choose the “Virtual” setting in the screen recorder dialog.

It’s in the hidden developer options in Nebula settings.

1- go to the About section of Nebula
2- click on the Logo 10 times till you see a message that developer mode is available.
3- go to the Settings option
4- the Developer Options is at the bottom.

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