Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Won't Connect

Anyone else have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-981U which is supposed to be compatible, but won’t connect - get the message "Unfortunately, this phone cannot be supported Audio Video Transmission, please visit our official website and checking “Nebula Compatible Phones”. I’ve checked, and the phone has a Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Hi, could you please check the cable connection? It seems like the connection is unstable.

I don’t know what you mean by “check it”. It seems to be plugged into the phone and the glasses OK. I’ve tried it many times. Should the glasses “light up” or show any sign that they have been plugged in ?

Sorry for misleading you, this error often happens when 1. The phone doesn’t support DP output(including the case that glass cannot recognize this kind of DP signal); 2. Type C connection is not matched perfectly so Nebula cannot detect the DP signal.
You can plug and unplug for several times and check if the error tip keeps the same. If so, please contact our after-sales team for help.

After- sales say the Samsung Galaxy S20 G is only supported by the Nreal Light. If that’s so, why does the compatibility list the phone directs me to after getting the “incompatible” message show that the Galaxy S20 5G is compatible - I think I’m getting the “run-around” !

As you can see from the compatibility list, only Light is listed for this model. Really sorry for misleading you with the tip, we will optimize the notice in the future.

Dont have the exact same phone. Iam using SM G980F/DS and it works for me. Its the exynos version.