Streaming Box Europe

Has the Streaming Box officially launched yet. If thats the case, when will the Streaming Box be available in Europe ?

Yes it has, in Japan.

You can buy it, even with shipping to Europe, from Amazon JP. I’ve ordered mine about two weeks ago, and got it last week - shipping was quick and I paid around £100 for everything altogether.

The streaming box is only available in Japan currently, and release plan of Europe is not clear. Sorry about it.

Thanks for the advice. Are you able to use MR Space with the Streaming Box or can you just mirror your phone screen?

You can just mirror your phone screen by using Streaming Box.

you can use it in Dex but that delay/is Terrible lots of delay video is also choppy
the streeming lacks speed and is behind delayed.streaming is slow.
dont know why
some other streamers don’t delay
on saying that the Nreal airs are great for watching Movies by cable using a samsung Note 10+
Also if you have a DJI RC PRO Remote conntrol the glasses work fantasic you just plug them into mthe C felme port and open DJI fly app usinf a DJI 2S or 2 drone… I you cant down load apps to a RCPro install ARORA STORE 100% works
Nreal need to sort the problem with The streamer though…
Shame because it looks fun to use but not worth £200…However the Air nreal glasses get 100% from me I can fly my mavic Air 2s using the glasses with my phone or RC Pro Remote controls
And yes Open up theTello app on your phone through the glasses and you can fly you tello drone and see it throuigh the Nreal glasses Fantastic giuys LMAO ;d
Kind regards
mark product feedback tester