There needs to be a better way to recenter monitors in MacOS Nebula

There needs to be an easier way to recenter monitors on Nebula for MacOS. Sometimes I want to move the monitors around without having to open the Nebula app, then click a button.

My two ideas: (I would love if these were both implemented)

Idea 1: Double tap the display on/off buttom (right arm of glasses) to recenter the displays.

Idea 2: Enable some form of software recenter control through terminal: This would allow users to create a keyboard shortcut, or other forms of automation on their MacOS devices, for recentering the displays.

Potential example usage in terminal (just recenter to where the user is looking):

"/Applications/Nebula For" --recenter

Bonus idea: allow for changing the monitor number configuration

"/Applications/Nebula For" --displays 1

"/Applications/Nebula For" --displays 2

"/Applications/Nebula For" --displays 3

Great idea!! Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass on your request to the R&D team.

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Thank you @nreal-dev !

Also, is there plans to support launching mission control on macos with Nebula? Right now, launching mission conrol makes the left and right display appear to render separate things, causing eye strain / making mission control unusable.

As an additional suggestion for MacOS Nebula: Is it possible to enable users to have more than 3 monitors / would it be possible to enable rearranging the 3 current monitors? The center of the 3 monitors is a mirror of the Macbook’s monitor: I would prefer to have either the left or the right monitor be the screen mirror.

I am trying to use the Nreal Air glasses connected to a macbook with the lid closed. After I close the lid, the “mirror monitor” freezes, howver, the left and right monitors are still usable. If I am going to be stuck with one frozen monitor, I would prefer that this frozen monitor be on the edges (left or right), rather than between the two monitors that I can still use.

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Really thanks for your suggestions. You must have experienced the Mac Nebula deeply, I will record all of your requests.

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