Unity Dev on Nreal Light and Support my Handy

I want to buy NREAL glasses, but I’m not sure if I can use them on my S20 + G4 Germany. I’m a Unity developer so don’t need NEBULA primary.

2 questions about this

Do I need to start a Unity Projet on the Nreal Light, NEBULA ?

When I install the NEBULA app on my S20, the APP starts and tells me to connect the NREAL Light glasses.
Does my phone now support NEBULA?

Hi developer. According to the compatibility list, Samsung Galaxy S20 4G Enterprise Edition(SM-G980F) supports Nebula. But we don’t recommend to use Exynos phone.
If you want to run your own app on your phone, Nebula is required for the MR app to be launched.

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, my S20+ has an Exynos processor like many other Samung cell phones in Germany. What exactly happens when I develop with Unity with the Nreal Light glasses on an Exynos processor. Are there errors? Or can I not develop on an Exynos at all?

Hi, there will be image issues, like image tearing, black screen in MR space. Also, you may get an error tip. That is why we don’t recommend Exynos.