Unity mobile app not showing in glasses

After build and run, Unity mobile apps can be viewed via scrcpy immediately, but those apps won’t show in glasses (on home screen, no icons for those newly installed apps). After a while, I’m not sure how long, the apps become available on home screen. I did try to restart the computing unit a couple times, this action won’t bring the apps up on the home screen.
Also some times, I see two identical internal shared storage while plugging the computing unit to PC.
Any suggestions? please. Thanks

Hi Developer. About the first issue, we tried many times on dev-kit, and there is no such issue. Could you please tell me what kind of app you built? And the app is built in Android 8.1 or below? If it is possible to send the app to us for test?
For the second issue, do you have any screenshot? Thanks in advance.

I have a similar problem. Here is the full video screencast about that: https://mega.nz/file/wToRUAgC#hrD-YQvw5Bh7SiDnp65b-fTLkwSh3UoGw6ft-QGGs

Hi developer. Could you please try to download Nebula APP, then open your demo APP in MR space mode?
But before that, please turn off the Dex mode of your mobile phone. And tick ‘Allow unsafe Code’ before building in Unity.

Thanks for the quick answer. I’ve set the ‘Allow unsafe Code’ to On. Then I’ve switched off the DeX mode on the Samsung Phone. The error is not fixed.

Then I run my Demo App from the Nebula UI and it works well. Then I keep the Nebula working and build my Demo App from Unity again - it works well. But the app does not work without Nebula.

At the same time, all work well on Android API 27. I believe that the problem is in the external USB devices connection and the Android permission system. The Nebula asks about the permission and device usage, but the NRSDK does not prove that option as I see.

Anyway, to keep the development smooth on the fresh Android API it is much better to be able to run the app without Nebula accompaniment.