Witness Dinosaur Revival through Nreal Light 🦕

Hi Devs,

Behold, we are thrilled to announce the ongoing DinoScience Exhibition powered by Sony and au 5G at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall! The exhibition is held in Japan for three months, from 25 June to 12 September. Developers who in Japan could join the exhibition and share the news with us in the forum.

With Nreal Light and 3D hologram technology, we present to you a whole new immersive experience “dancing” among the dinosaurs. On top of that, visitors will be able to witness the magical transformation of turning dinosaur fossils into real life-size giants.

In addition, Nreal light and Hinatazaka46 would be show the revival of dinosaur through AR and 5G technology in “王様のブランチ” show at the TV TOKYO Corporation.

For those developers who are not in Japan, you could navigate @DinoScience official website for the following info:

:star:Exhibition overview

:green_book:Interview of Mr.Dinosaur

:crystal_ball:Online/virtual tour

:fireworks:The Laramidia Journey

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